Industrial Batteries

Ravin Energy™ is pleased to represent high quality batteries manufactured by Battery Builders Inc. (BBI) based in Chicago, IL.  BBI has been manufacturing batteries since 1950 and serves customers across North America, Mexico and Latin America under several private label agreements and under its own label.

Distinguishing features of the BBI construction include:

  • Battery Construction
    • Precision thick grid casting using highest grade alloys for maximum life
    • Industry’s largest post and bridge design for ultimate durability
    • Computerized pasting process ensures consistent grid densities providing maximum performance and cell balance.
    • Thermo-welded jar-cover seal eliminating battery corrosion
    • Industry leading steel trays, fully epoxy coated and acid resistant
  • Performance
    • 1500-2100 cycles
    • 5-7 years performance rated
    • Fast Charge – High Performance and Long Life due to the inherent low internal resistance design and thick grid casting.
  • Efficient Delivery
    • Most common sizes ship from factory in 3-5 days of order!
  • Support
    • Extensive customer support provided by BBI’s committed dealer network and factory service team.

Charging Handling and Maintenance Accessories

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Charging Handling and Maintenance Accessories

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