New Batteries

M – Series Li510

Ravin Energy is proud to offer the full line of quality industrial batteries from Stryten Energy, a Stryten Energy Company. Introducing the new line of lithium-ion power batteries, M – Series Li510. The all-new M – Series Li510 lithium-ion batteries will change the way you think about performance. They deliver faster charging, greater efficiency, and increased cycle life, all in a maintenance-free package – that means lower operational costs for your business compared to traditional power sources. Featuring a dual cable system and integrated BMS (Battery Management System), M – Series Li510 offers convenience and battery monitoring
while providing all the power you need to get the job done.


Turn Three Shifts Into One It’s tough to work 24/7 when you’re
faced with rotating batteries, moving to and from charging stations and waiting
for conventional batteries to cool. One M – Series Li510 can do the work of up to
three standard batteries. Using a single battery for each lift truck means you
can streamline operations, reduce downtime and lower your total cost of
ownership. And switching your entire fleet to lithium technology means dedicated
space for battery swapping can become a thing of the past.

Recharge in a Matter of Minutes, Not Hours Even the hardest
workers need a break. But with the new M – Series Li510, it will be charged and
back on the floor in the time it takes to finish a cup of coffee. And by
charging up to eight times faster than traditional lead acid batteries, a single
battery can work around the clock. No need to shuffle cumbersome batteries in
and out of the lift. Simply pull up to the charger, plug in and you’ll be ready
to get back to the job in as little as 15 minutes.

*Charging a fully-discharged battery to 100% takes approximately 85

M- Series F110

Stryten Energy M- Series F110 premium flat plate motive power batteries are designed to deliver premium, cost-efficient power and extended durability with the highest flat plate cycle performance (1600) warranty in the industry.


Industry-Leading Flat Plate Performance
Industry-leading flat plate cycle performance (1600 or 5 years) extended warranty delivers up to three additional months of usage*.

Superior Flat Plate Product
Investments in process enhancements and improved grid design, combined with the most durable paste in the industry, result in superior flat plate product.

Innovative Design
Up to 10% more active material increases paste weight reducing stress during discharge and providing superior performance.

Quick Ship Program
Stryten Energy maintains inventory of our most popular battery models available in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. When customers need batteries right away, Stryten Energy will ship within 72 hours of receipt of their order from the nearest Stryten Energy Customer Distribution Center at no extra charge.

M – Series T310

M – Series T310 Low Maintenance forklift batteries give you the freedom to choose the best level of power, performance, cost, and reduced maintenance for your medium to heavy duty lift truck applications. Our flooded tubular-plate batteries deliver consistent, reliable power.


Tubular Architecture
High-density tubular positive plate design provides more power per square foot than competitive products. The architecture also avoids degradation of cells at the edges.

Never-Worry Watering
M – Series T310 forklift batteries allow you to minimize labor costs by only checking water levels four times per year. The unique design allows for up to 90 days between watering cycles.

Power and Performance
M – Series T310 forklift batteries are designed to achieve 1,800 cycles when operated to 80% depth of discharge. Their low antimony positive grid minimizes gassing during charging.

M- Series AGM220

The M- Series AGM220 is an integrated valve-regulated lead acid battery and charging system designed for 24 volt electric walkie pallet trucks with loading capacities of up to 4,500 pounds. The M- Series AGM220 houses a “smart” HF charger complete with auto stop/start capabilities and four 6-volt Marathon Element bloc batteries connected in series to provide a 24 volt system.


Less Maintenance
Marathon Element batteries mean reduced maintenance. Most of the expense, time, and safety concerns typically associated with conventional flooded battery maintenance are reduced under normal operating conditions, including cell watering, acid equalization, acid spills, corrosion and waste treatment systems.

Automatic On-Board Charger
Because the on-board Delta-Q charger used with the M- Series AGM220 is fully automatic, operator guesswork is eliminated. Unlike other chargers, this charger uses the precise “I-E-I” charge profile to correctly determine the proper recharge time required. Charging begins with a constant 25 amp start rate until the batteries reach the appropriate gassing voltage. At this point, the charge adjusts to a constant voltage stage to minimize gassing, finishes off with a constant current to ensure a quick and complete charge, and finally shuts down automatically when the batteries are fully recharged. International versions are available.

Opportunity Charging
With the M- Series AGM220, battery charging is simple and efficient, offering operators freedom from the charging limitations of conventional flooded batteries. Operators can take full advantage of extended breaks or downtime between shifts to opportunity charge their M- Series AGM220, which translates into better use of operator time and increased productivity. Optimum Depth of Discharge for opportunity charging is between 30% – 70%. A minimum charge time of 1/2 hour and an additional cool down period is recommended for best results. Contact your local Stryten Energy sales representative for more information on appropriate procedures when incorporating opportunity charging into your battery program.

M – Series T310 FP

The M – Series T310 FP System is the efficient power solution for your electric pallet jack and walkie stacker needs. This integrated system — ideal for light and medium-duty use — consists of a low-maintenance M – Series T310 FP flooded tubular-plate battery with an on-board, top-mounted high-frequency charger in the same durable rust-resistant steel tray.


Charging Capabilities
Capable of Opportunity and Fast charging (user programmable) in extended temperature industrial environments with auto finish and equalization.

Modular & Stackable Design
Advanced 24/36/48V and 72/80V Multi-Voltage Modular design allows the charger to grow with your fleet. If more power is needed, more modules can be added. If one module fails, the others continue operation. Stackable with shelf, stand and wall mounting options available.

Intelligent Charging Technology
Intelligent charging technology analyzes battery historical performance and charge data to provide a rapid and efficient recharge while maximizing battery life. The charger’s diagnostic intelligence evaluates battery state and condition throughout the charging cycle.

Fully Programmable
Programmable via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® allow wireless client configuration. Large LCD graphics display allows for clear reading of battery and charger status.

BBI Batteries

Ravin Energy is please to also offer quality products from Battery Builders Inc. (BBI) – only the highest grades of lead, lead oxide, sulfuric acid and premium insulating materials are used to deliver BBI Batteries with the most power and longest life.


  • Positive and negative grids are formulated with the lowest possible antimonial content providing the greatest power potential and lowest possible internal resistance.
  • To insure longest life, BBI uses the best available materials to insulate its positive plate for batteries to be able to withstand rigorous warehouse work environments.
  • BBI’s ‘post and bridge’ design, the key energy transfer point, are greatly oversized, resulting in a much reduced resistance factor for cooler operating batteries able to handle the high charge currents of  ‘opportunity and fast charge’ applications.
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques including fully automated production assembly insure each BBI Battery meets or exceeds its rated capacity.
  • Over 150 quality control inspections provide consistent BBI Battery performance and life backed by a 5 Year Full Warranty.