Power Designers Sibex Chargers

Ravin Energy is pleased to offer the full line of high efficient battery chargers from Power Designers Sibex.

Material Handling Solutions

Power Designers Sibex leads the motive industrial battery market with its battery charging technologies, monitoring programs, and infrastructure management solutions. Power Designers Sibex provides battery chargers, charger accessories and battery monitoring software designed to enhance battery performance while providing customers with cost savings through energy efficiency, reduced capital costs, and improved labor productivity. Our products utilize cutting-edge technologies to deliver an efficient and compact product that far outperforms our competitors.

Power Designers Sibex offers a complete line of battery charger solutions including high frequency conventional, opportunity, and fast battery chargers, battery monitoring systems, and a web-based battery charger communication system.

A New Era in Charging Technology

Revolutionizing high frequency opportunity battery charging

The REVOLUTION™ series is the first full line of opportunity battery chargers with total charge cycle efficiencies greater than 90% and peak efficiencies exceeding 92%. The REVOLUTION series features unparalleled modularity and state-of-the-art MOSFET soft switching technology resulting in lower energy costs, smaller sizes and lighter units.


  • Highest total charge cycle efficiency available
  • Total charge cycle efficiency >90%
  • Peak charging efficiency >92%
  • Maximum energy savings

Leading high frequency charging technology

  • Advanced power conversion with soft switching technology
  • >100kHz switching frequency
  • Minimal energy loss, lighter chargers, smaller footprint

Modular and redundant architecture

  • Fault tolerance
  • N+1 redundancy capability
  • Simplest serviceability in the industry

High return on investment

  • Immediate energy cost savings
  • Eliminate need for extra batteries
  • Reduce the need to purchase multiple chargers through flexible and reconfigurable design

REVOLUTION Opportunity Battery Charger Specifications

REVOLUTION Opportunity Battery Charger Specifications
*48V chargers are capable of charging 24/36/48 batteries & 36V chargers are capable of charging 24/36 batteries

The REVOLUTION charger, when combined with the PowerTrac data logger, has the ability to be multi-voltage (24/36/48 ),* allowing the charger to automatically charge a wide range of batteries and amp hour capacities, making the REVOLUTION the last charger you will need to purchase.

The REVOLUTION Series fast battery charger is a combination of cutting edge charging and energy management technologies, with a smaller footprint, lower acquisition costs, easy maintenance, and flexible configurations, which makes updating your fleet of electric lift trucks a more attractive investment than ever before. Free your operation from spare batteries, daily battery changes, battery storage areas, and energy inefficient charging!