Lithium Batteries

Ravin Energy can find the right lithium battery for your application, whether that is for Recreational Vehicles, Marine, Energy Storage or Industrial. We offer the full line of modular lithium batteries from Lithionics Battery®, the Lithium Forklift battery line from Stryten Energy “M – Series Li510” and other quality suppliers.

Understanding the application is key to selecting the correct battery size and chemistry. Call today for an evaluation of your requirements and to discuss the best options that will meet your needs.

Lithionics Battery®

Lithionics Battery® Advantages:

  • Safety a Must
    Ion EXT Fire Extinguishing Prevention Technology
  • Advanced Quality Testing
    100% System Load & Capacity Testing
  • Push Button Switches
    BMS Power/Storage Switch
  • Reliable Service
    Rebuildable, repairable, on-site HazMat pickup

NeverDie® Battery Management System

Lithionics Battery’s NeverDie® Battery Management System is a proprietary design featuring protective safety features, as well as status and state-of-charge monitoring. The NeverDie® Battery Management System is standard on all Lithionics Battery® systems to ensure your lithium batteries are operated within their rated specifications. This increases the lifespan of your battery system and protects your valuable investment.

Stryten Energy M – Series Li510™

The all-new M – Series Li510™ lithium-ion batteries will change the way you think about performance. They deliver faster charging, greater efficiency, and increased cycle life, all in a maintenance-free package – that means lower operational costs for your business compared to traditional power sources. Featuring a dual cable system and integrated BMS (Battery Management System), M – Series Li510 offers convenience and battery monitoring while providing all the power you need to get the job done.