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Ravin Energy is the Stryten Energy Agent for the Pacific NW, providing unparalleled performance from the M – Series F110® battery line and the M – Series X-7® charger line.

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Introducing M – Series Li510, Stryten Energy’s Premium Lithium Battery Solution.

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Forklift Batteries

New Batteries

Select from the Stryten Energy full Marathon Line of high-quality Flat Plate (5-Year Warranty), Tubular (6-Year Warranty) and Lithium batteries and flat-plate batteries (5-Year) from Battery Builders Inc. (BBI)

Reconditioned Batteries

Ravin Energy specializes in reconditioned batteries that are tailored to your needs. When you don’t have the budget or need a brand-new battery, call or email us today for a reconditioned battery quote. If we don’t have one in stock we can build one for you.

Battery Accessories

Ravin Energy carries a full line of accessories including single point water systems, electrolyte blinkies, cables and connectors.

Battery Cleaning, Watering and Repair

Ravin Energy is your full service battery provider including on-site services such as watering and battery washing, and shop services for battery repair for recondition.

Ravin Energy is your complete source for lithium batteries, whether for deep cycle applications such as RV or remote off-grid applications or forklift applications.

We pay top dollar for your scrap lead-acid batteries. Call for a quote today.

Forklift Chargers

Stryten Energy Chargers

We offer the complete line of Stryten Energy CEC Approved High Frequency Smart Chargers. Whether single shift or 3 shifts/day, Ravin Energy has the solution for you.

Power Designers Sibex Chargers

We offer the proven line from Power Designers Sibex, from conventional charge rates to fast charge applications. Our team can find the right solution for your application.

Charger Repair

We offer complete repair services for all brands of chargers, including ferro and high frequency technologies. Call today for an initial charger checkout for only $75.

Airport GSE

GSE Skycharge+

The Ravin Energy™ GSE Skycharge+ is an advanced battery charger that will meet the needs of all your electric ground handling equipment including Baggage Tractors, Belt Loaders and Service Carts.

Professional Services

Fleet EV Charging Consulting

Decided to convert your fleet over to electric? Let Ravin Energy help you plan your vehicle and infrastructure requirements

EV Workplace Charging Consulting

Workplace charging can be critical to the successful adoption of electric vehicles. Ravin Energy has worked with small to very large fleets in assisting with the planning and deployment of workplace charging.

EV Infrastructure Services

Ravin Energy can provide complete turnkey infrastructure services including the engineering, equipment procurement and installation. Call for email for a consultation today.

Engineering Services

Ravin Energy provides engineering services related to alternative fuel infrastructure and vehicle engineering. Call or email for consultation today.

Project Management Services

Ravin Energy provides professional Project Management services for any size project. Our experience includes experience with electric vehicle infrastructure and hydrogen station fueling, and electric vehicle development projects.

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For over 8 years, Ravin Energy has consistently delivered exceptional service and only high quality products

Kevin P. Morrow

President & CEO

Kevin has over 26 years of professional experience in the alternative fuels and electric utility industry. He has led teams & projects, conducted research and held many leadership positions in the industry over the years.

Kevin has in-depth practical experience related to alternative fuel infrastructure including electric, CNG and Hydrogen.

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