Fleet EV Charging Consulting

The Ravin Energy™ team has extensive experience in assisting electric vehicle fleets succeed.  Starting with the EV and EVSE product specification development, evaluation and selection.  Selecting an EV that is suited for the application will be critical in the overall success of the operation. 

Beyond the basic vehicle requirements such as payload and range requirements is the recharging capabilities and compatibility with approved SAE standards, durability testing performed, different climatic performance, etc. 

Once the vehicle is selected the EV charging infrastructure planning is next, often a very important step that is ignored until the vehicles arrive.  There may likely be many EVSE products to select from, so a proper needs assessment is required.  The next steps include EVSE installation and interface with the local electric utility which are all critical elements to implement.  A properly planned infrastructure can save the fleet operator thousands in installation costs and ongoing energy and demand costs.

Secondly, proper training of the operators is vital to a successful EV operation.  Starting with basic training of the vehicles and infrastructure utilized and secondly, the importance of understanding the full benefits of operating an electric vehicle fleet.

Third, the maintenance / service providers play a key role in keeping the EV fleet running at its best.  Data collection for tracking costs and operational characteristics may be an important component to operating your EV fleet, and Ravin Energy’s team has years of experience with vehicle data collection going all the way back to the original electric G-Vans in the early 1990s.