2023 International GSE Expo

Booth with 2 large standing signs describing the Ravin Energy GSE Skycharge™ Fast Charger and Skycharge™ Online Platform

2023 International GSE Expo in Las Vegas

Ravin Energy attended the 2023 International GSE Expo in Las Vegas (Booth 653) and demonstrated our SkyCharge™ Online Platform to the attendees at the show. The SkyCharge™ Online Platform provides real-time data and control for the SkyCharge™ eGSE Universal Fast Chargers and on-road EV Chargers located throughout the airport.

Attendees could view the real-time charging of eGSE at the Toronto Pearson Airport, additional reporting capabilities, and maintenance ticket logging. The SkyCharge™ Online Platform can be tailored to both airlines and airports to provide all the information needed by service, ramp personnel, and operations.


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