Kevin Morrow

Kevin Morrow
Kevin Morrow


President & CEO

Kevin Morrow has over 26 years of professional experience in the alternative fuels and electric utility industry.  Mr. Morrow has led teams & projects, conducted research and held many leadership positions in the industry over the years.  Mr. Morrow has in-depth practical experience related to alternative fuel infrastructure including electric, CNG and Hydrogen.  Mr. Morrow is also experienced with on-road electric vehicles, low speed electric vehicles, material handling, airport ground support equipment, hydrogen, CNG and H2-CNG blended vehicle systems.



  • Engineering Services
  • Technical Research
  • Project  & Construction Management (California / Arizona Contractors License)
  • Grant Proposal Development (Federal, State, Energy Offices, etc.)
  • EV Infrastructure Planning & Consulting Services
  • EV Fleet Planning and Deployment
  • Electric Material Handling & Airport GSE Systems
  • H2 & CNG Fueling Station & Vehicle Technical Services
  • Technical Presentations
  • Standards Development & Tracking
  • Business Development in emerging alternative fuel markets
  • International Business Development & Supplier Relations (China, Taiwan, Japan, Australia)


Current – President & CEO (Founder), Ravin Energy™

2007- 2012 Executive Vice President, ECOtality North America

1996-2007 Co-Founder & Vice President, ETEC (Electric Transportation Engineering Corp)

1991-1996 Electric Vehicle Program Manager, Salt River Project

1987-1991 Senior Research Engineer, Salt River Project


BSEE – Arizona State University, 1986

Alternative Vehicle Fleet Management & Research

–      Salt River Project (SRP) Electric Vehicle Research Fleet (G-Vans, Electricar S-10, Electricar Prism, Chrysler TeVan, Chrysler EPIC, GM Impact PreView Program)

–       Arizona Public Service Co. (APS) H2, CNG & H2-CNG Blended vehicles

–       USDOE Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity (AVTA) which includes Hybrid, PEV, EV, H2, H2-CNG vehicles.  (A complete  listing on INL website,


Alternative Fuel Infrastructure (Planning, Construction, Research & Data collection)

–         SRP Fleet and Public EV Charging Network

–          APS Hydrogen and CNG Fueling Station

–          USPS Ford EV Demonstration Program

–          Chrysler EPIC Nationwide Charging Infrastructure Support

–          NYSERDA – New York Station Car Program – Ford Think City electric vehicle

–          ETEC (ECOtality) “The EV Project”


SAMPLE PUBLISHED REPORTS (Authored/Co-Authored/Reviewed):

  1. NYSERDA Report: Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Infrastructure,- 2012
  2. NYSERDA Report: Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Test Program, Dec 2010
  3. USDOE Report: Vehicle to Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Smart Grid Communications Interface Research and Testing Report, 2011
  4. USDOE Report: Cost Benefit Analysis Modeling Tool for Electric vs. ICE Airport Ground Support Equipment – Development and Results, 2007
  5. USDOE Report: Feasibility Study of Hydrogen Production at Existing Nuclear Power Plants. 2008 (assisted with research / review)
  6. USDOE Report: Investigation of Hydrogen-Fueled Internal Combustion Engine Durability. 2008 (assisted with research / review)
  7. ICAT / SMUD – UAL Pushback Project, November 2010
  8. NYSERDA Report: Unique Approach to Fast Charging eGSE at Airports, Phase I Report JUL2004, Phase II Report DEC2005



  1. Patent Application No. 20120200260; Dated Aug 9th, 2012 Title: System Electric Grid Balancing and Method of Using and Providing the Same. Inventors: Donald Bruce Karner, Phoenix Arizona & Kevin Patrick Morrow, Mesa Az.
  2. Patent No. US 7,573,228 B2; Dated Aug 11, 2009 Title: Apparatus and Method for Managing Power to an Airport Passenger Bridge and a Battery Charger.  Inventors: D. B. Karner, Phoenix AZ and K. P. Morrow, Mesa AZ



  1. Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
    1. Hybrid J1772™ , J2836, J2847, J2931, J2953, J2894 Task Force
    2. AGE-2A Cargo Handling Committee
    3. AGE-2C Vehicle Maintenance and Aircraft Servicing Committee
  2. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  3. Infrastructure Working Council (IWC) – Founding & Past Steering Committee Member
  4. EPRI Non-Road Advisory Committee