Forklift Battery Selector Guide

 clip_image001 Information on selecting the right connector and where it should be positioned on the battery to best suit the truck. Over-all height information on battery sizes ranging from 45A thru 125A plate sizes with or without built-in cover is included. Contact us for sizes and a/h capacities not shown.Click here to view
 clip_image003 This document details the length and width of BBI Batteries ranging from 5 plate thru 33 plate batteries in 12V thru 80V ranges.Click here to view
For individual cell specifications including overall size and weight and capacity, ah/kwh.Click here to view
The industry’s most popular battery types stocked, battery tray numbers and full dimensions are included for easy ordering. Fully-automatic, premium duty and regular duty chargers are listed to match with the batteries.Click here to view
 clip_image006 BBI Batteries with built-in fully automatic chargers for light usage pallet-truck with convenient 110AC operation.Click here to view